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2019 Adoptions

And now for some happy news! Although international adoptions from China have slowed, be assured that they are still happening. In 2019, at least 26 children from LWB programs were adopted both domestically and internationally and are now living lives as treasured sons and daughters:

Alexander — Education and On-Site Family Care

Benjamin (domestic adoption) — Healing Home, Medical, and Foster Care

Billy — Healing Homes

Brent — Healing Home, Medical, and Foster Care

Catey — Healing Home, Education, Medical, and Foster Care

Clyde — Foster Care, Medical

Daisy — Education, Nutrition

Edith — Foster Care

Erin — Healing Home, Medical

Jone — Foster Care

Josie (domestic adoption) — Healing Homes, Medical

Kerri — Education, Foster Care

Lacey (domestic adoption) — Foster Care

Laurie — Healing Homes, Medical

Lee — Education, Nutrition

MaryBeth — Healing Homes, Medical, Foster Care

Mya (domestic adoption) — Healing Homes, Medical

Nico (domestic adoption) — Healing Home, Medical

Richie Mia — Huainan Education and Nutrition

Robin — Foster Care, Medical

Shaun — Education, Foster Care, Medical, Nutrition

Sue — Foster Care

Timothy — Foster Care

Titus — Foster Care

Willow — Foster Care

Winston (domestic adoption) — Healing Homes

At LWB, we are passionate about helping orphaned children find permanent homes. Thank you for supporting these children above over the years and for believing with us that EVERY CHILD DESERVES A FAMILY. We wish each and every one of these wonderful LWB “grads” a lifetime of happiness with their forever families!

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