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Born in my Heart Fund

Jie is a 6 month old baby with a very serious heart defect. He needed to have his surgery immediately, but his surgery will cost at least $5000. Jie was placed on our website and received partial sponsorship, but because of our Born in My Heart Fund, he was fully funded quickly. He has now been moved to the hospital has just had heart cath. The heart surgeon just confirmed how serious his heart disease is and he will now have the first part of a two part heart surgery. We are so grateful that he didn’t have too wait to long and was funded so quickly.

The Born in My Heart Fund was created to help fund the most critical heart kids. Many people wanted to donate money to a heart child’s surgery, but didn’t know what child was the most urgent or serious. We created the fund so that these children could be funded as quickly as possible. Donations made to this fund are transferred to the neediest child and then the donor is notified and receives updates on this child.

So far, nine serious children have benefited from this fund and we hope that many more will be helped in the future. Please check out our medical sponsorship webpage at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/SponsorMedical.php for more information about the children currently needing medical help and for a link to our Born in My Heart Fund.

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