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5 Hearts, 7 Days

Last week, I traveled to Uganda to visit some of the children being helped by LWB. I traveled with Christina Lindseth, our Managing Director for Ugandan programs, and Rebecca Radicchi, author and adoptive parent. One week ago today, we sat together in a grassy area of central Uganda, meeting with worried parents who shared one common anguish: the child they adored would die without a heart surgery they could never afford.

It was such an emotional day. We met five beautiful children: Devon, Jeremiah, Lianah, Joyce, and Keri Annabel. Five little ones whose parents had dressed them up to meet with strangers and traveled long distances on crowded buses, all with the anxious hope that finally – FINALLY – someone would see their child and say, “Yes, we will help.”

I felt completely unworthy to hear their pleas.

We left that gathering knowing we had to set a bold goal: to raise $50,000 to save all five of their lives. I know it’s a big ambition, but I also know there isn’t a single child we met that day whom we could turn away.

Over the next week, starting on Monday, Rebecca will be sharing their individual stories here on our blog. She’s an incredible writer, so I hope you’ll take the time to meet each cherished child. I know you’ll come away inspired.

5 Hearts, 7 Days.

Will you join with us to once again bring new life to children needing surgery? Every donation, no matter the amount, will bring us closer to healing all five.

One beautiful world. Five precious lives. Through the power of community, we can mend their broken hearts.

Let’s do this together.

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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