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A Special China Memory

One of LWB’s foster care children recently went home to her very own forever family in Australia. We received the following from the mother and asked her if we could share it on the blog as we thought our readers would enjoy it as much as we did.

“At New Year, Xia was the recipient of a LWB ‘Coats for Kids’ (http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com) coat and pant set. I saw the picture on the Hope (www.hopefosterhome.com) newsletter and rather cheekily asked if I could have the coat. Joyce Hill was very kind and said that would be fine.

I’m so glad I asked, as it is such a wonderful China memory for her. I thought it would be strictly for the memory box, but she actually loves it very much and chooses it to wear most days. I think it is special to her to have something that was hers before she came to Australia. For me, it is a precious reminder of her life in China and also of the many people who have cared for her even without knowing her. I am sure this coat brought her much joy in China, and it is continuing to do so in Australia.

Xia is shown here wearing her special coat to her very first party in Australia. Xia, we wish you many more happy parties in the years to come.

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