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A Baby Alone

Right now in a hospital in Anhui, there is a newborn baby boy who is in need of urgent medical care. This baby was abandoned with anal atresia, a life threatening condition that requires emergency surgery for the baby to survive. The orphanage called us immediately after the police brought the baby to them, and we moved him to the hospital right away. And then things got “complicated.”

We learned quickly that the police had identified who the birthmother was, and that they had plans to arrest her and put her in prison for infant abandonment. The hospital told us that a distant cousin had been found, and that someone would be coming to get the baby. But no one arrived, and the little boy remained alone.

We then learned that the birthmom was not married, and that the father was a migrant worker who had long since disappeared. When the mom learned she would be arrested, she fled to another province, where she began hemorrhaging after her recent delivery. She is now in critical condition in a hospital in Jiangxi. Her family is refusing to help her for having a baby out of wedlock.

One of our staff members was able to speak with the relative who was found, and he said that he cannot help the baby right now. He is trying to borrow money for the mom’s hospital bills, and so for now, the little boy doesn’t have anyone who wants to care for him.

I think for those of us who have adopted internationally, we tend to imagine our children’s birthparents as married, impoverished, making the difficult decision in love to give a baby up. That is the storybook version. But we all know that real life is often a bit more complex than that, and that babies are born into every situation possible. With this boy, we are hearing that this is a “bad situation” and “too difficult”. But a lot of life is that way. All we know is that right at this moment there is a tiny baby boy who is completely innocent in all of the drama unfolding. There is a baby boy who was born into the world and then left on the sidewalk with critical medical needs. A baby whose life is still priceless, and who is lying in a hospital bed with no one beside him. This child’s life has now come into our hands, and we don’t want to walk away from him as well.

One of my favorite phrases on earth is “compassion over judgment.” And I believe that this little baby needs people to believe in him who don’t care about the circumstances of his birth. He needs people to simply help him, and so we are going to try. We need 20,000 rmb to pay for the first stage of his surgery (approximately $3000 US). We don’t know at this moment if a family member will step forward to care for him or whether he will end up being placed into the local orphanage if his mother goes to prison. But at THIS moment, he just needs someone to help him. And so we are letting our friends know his story with the hope that someone will step forward to help fund his medical care.

We have given him the English name of Corey, which means “God’s peace.” We think he is going to need that in his life right now. We are hoping that baby Corey can first find healing… and then someone to take him in.

Donations can be made for Corey’s medical bills at this link (please specify “Corey” in the notes section). Thank you so much for keeping him in your thoughts!

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  • Lisa564 says:

    We have donated and am glad PayPal makes it so easy to give and help. Please Everyone…donate whatever you can for this precious baby..every little bit helps and does add up if everyone chips in what they can. Also…pray for Corey and his mom both for healing and restoration.

  • Jane Friend says:

    This one hits so close to home. I join my friend Stacy in prayers for Corey and all those caring and fighting for him right now.

  • Oh my heart is breaking for everyone involved. We are praying and I’ve blogged about this sweet one!! He has the same medical needs as our newly home son! Please, please keep us posted!!!