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A Beautiful Tapestry: The Cambodian Education Program

Bouncing along the dusty dirt road approaching the Believe In Me Sokhem school, I was full of excitement. I first visited LWB’s Education programs in Cambodia last November and was thrilled to be returning just six months later with LWB’s Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships Kelly Wolfe, full of anticipation about what I would find. And wow, what a difference six months can make!

I was almost giddy as I hopped off the tuk-tuk and walked towards the school gate. One of my favorite parts about the schools is that as soon as you walk on campus, you sense the love between the students and staff.

Despite the difficulties that are a regular part of life in rural Cambodia, you can tell that school is a place of safety and acceptance. A place where no matter what your background is, everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow together.

Over the past six months, we have been working with the teachers in our early education programs at the Sokhem Sibling School and Believe In Me Preschool classes to encourage time for play and creativity. When we peeked in on a class and I saw a preschool boy dressed up in a superhero cape, riding his bouncy horse, I knew that the work had paid off. Preschool princesses were having a feast, future engineers were creating cities out of blocks — young imaginations at work through play. What a beautiful sight.

I love the individual strands that are woven together to create the tapestry at the Believe In Me Schools:

  • The cook laboring tirelessly over a hot fire to prepare lunch for hundreds of hungry children that may be the only meal some will eat that day.

  • The teachers, many of whom are university students themselves, pouring their energy into the lives of their students and gently encouraging them towards success…and believing that they can achieve it.
  • The administrative staff taking time to meet with parents, some of whom never had an opportunity for an education themselves.
  • The tuk-tuk driver who greets each child with a warm smile and ensures that each child who rides the with him gets to and from school safely.
  • The on-site medic ready to provide help and healing at a moment’s notice.

Everyone working together, for the sake of the children. For the future of their families and their village.

It is so beautiful to behold, and I cannot wait to see what the next six months will bring!

~Julia Bennett, Cambodia Believe In Me School Manager

  • Join our DREAM BIG campaign this week as we work to raise funds to support our Cambodian Education programs such as our Sibling School and our Believe In Me schools. Individual sponsorships of students are $25/month, and sponsors receive regular reports and photos. General gifts to the program are also essential. Join us as we grow, and consider being a part of this innovative program to help vulnerable children dare to dream of a better future. 

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