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A Big Surgery

This darling little boy is from an orphanage in Chongqing, and when he arrived there…it looked like he had a large tumor on his backside. Unfortunately, the tumor began to grow and grow, and even as we began to arrange medical treatment for him, it grew to a size where it became very dangerous. We moved him as quickly as we could to Shanghai Children’s Hospital, where two of the top physicians there (a neurosurgeon and pediatric surgeon) determined that this child had a parasitic twin growing on his back. They have scheduled a major surgery for Monday morning in China, so it will begin Easter evening in the US.

This precious little boy needs all of our prayers as his surgery will be a huge one. The tumor has been sapping this little boy’s strength as it grew so rapidly. Please be thinking of BaoJin tonight as the surgeons take him into the OR in an attempt to save his life.

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