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A Birthday Party for Sampson

Sampson, the darling little boy who came to live with a foster family in Cambodia several months ago, has been breaking hearts left and right this week with his mischievous, lovable grin!

Last week, Sampson celebrated his birthday surrounded by his foster family, friends, and our foster care manager.

Audrey and Tom, also from our foster care program, joined Sampson for some birthday cake.

Sampson always attacks his food with great gusto and dug right in to his birthday treat!

Sampson’s father died when he was a baby, and he tragically lost his mother from malnutrition and illness several months ago. He was alone in the world, and his mother’s dying wish was for someone to love and care for her son.

We truly wish that Sampson’s birth parents were here to see him now. He has transformed from a scared and unsure little boy grieving the loss of his mama to a child full of fun, mischief, and smiles. Our birthday wish for Sampson is a year full of security and love.

Sampson and his foster grandma send their greetings and thanks to those who have helped this precious boy along the way. Happy birthday, Sampson!

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