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A Broken Heart Healed

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”; so I guess a painting is worth a healthy heart!  That is exactly what has happened to our little Jia. 

Jia was the model for the original oil painting, “Jia: Portrait of Hope”, LWB offered in this year’s “Born in My Heart” Art Auction.  This child truly is a “Portrait of Hope.” 

Jia was born with a very complex heart defect.  She received first stage heart surgery very early in her life but that wasn’t enough to heal her.  Less than one year ago, Jia was put in palliative care because the doctors said there “was no hope.”

Jia fought back and slowly started to improve.  HOPE.

Someone read about our little Jia and started working on sponsoring her so she could receive the heart surgery she needed in the U.S.  HOPE.

Jia’s paperwork was approved and she arrived in the U.S. in August.  HOPE.

She endured numerous tests and lots of wonderful doctors looking at her and deciding the best way to heal her.  It was decided she would need a pacemaker to keep her little heart beating regularly, restricting what she would be capable of doing but able to grow up.  HOPE.

Well, Jia received her surgery last week, and we are beyond thrilled to report that she came through with flying colors!!  No, she actually did better than that!  Jia didn’t need the pacemaker—her heart was beating fine on its own.  It was expected that Jia would be sedated for four to five days; she only needed four to five hours!  Jia’s prognosis: a long and happy life filled with HOPE!!

Thank you, Jia, for reminding all of us that we always have hope, even when others say we don’t.

Thank you to everyone who kept fighting for Jia as hard as she has fought for her life.

Thank you to the doctors that took on such a “hopeless” case and cared about our little girl.

Thank you to her caregiver, Ms. Wang, who traveled half way around the world so Jia wouldn’t be alone.

To read more about the story of Jia please follow this link:


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