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A Busy Week for our Unity Initiative

Our Unity Initiative works in partnership with hospital foundations to assist impoverished families meet the medical needs of their children. This program fills in the gaps to help families during an incredibly stressful time. This week, we have quite a few children and their families either preparing for or having surgery. Join us as we meet a few!


Willa and Winter are two sisters from Anhui, both of whom have heart defects.

The girls will travel to the hospital for have surgery soon. Imagine how scary that has to be for their parents!

We know many of you will remember formerly conjoined twins Harley and James. Both boys were scheduled for the next stage of their repair, and then James unfortunately became sick from an intestinal obstruction.

Little James looks a bit tired from being in the hospital, but his dad seems quite relieved (as are we!)

Soon, Whitney will be having heart surgery to repair a VSD (ventricular septal defect). She sure looks like a happy little girl, doesn’t she?

Hopefully, she will be home soon, smiling and laughing again.

Cyrus is in the hospital now preparing for his heart surgery. When our hospital manager visited Cyrus, he found a very happy little boy who was washing his toys. As you can see, Cyrus was more than happy to have his photo taken.

Vera on the other hand, was not so happy to see the man with the camera. Well, you can’t please everyone!


Both Cyrus and Vera are expected to have heart surgeries this week.

This sister and brother are in Xi’An with their parents for cleft repair surgeries. This family is very poor and so grateful for this opportunity for their children.


We are so very grateful for the support of Unity Initiative sponsors which allows us to reach out to families in need and share the love!

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