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A Calf is Born!

We have a special announcement to make about the birth of the newest member of the LWB family in Uganda!  As you might remember, when our CEO Amy Eldridge was in Uganda, she helped purchase a female cow for the village we are helping near Kabale. We were thrilled that the cow we bought was pregnant, and this past week we received this joyous letter from Innocent, the man with whom we are working to improve the lives of children in Karukoba village:

Innocent Amy Equator

Dear Amy,

Allow me to take this great opportunity and welcome you back from Cambodia. I hope it was marvelous and unforgettable trip.

With too tooooo much excitement and love, I want to introduce to you a newly born baby calf (girl). She’s so adorable, beautiful and sooo amazing. She came into a new world at around 4 am in the morning. That’s 26th of September 2016.

What a great blessing this baby came with as the school children were reporting for their third term in the same morning. We shared the good news with the children, and they were very very happy and excitement was almost killing them. Finally, every child wanted the little calf to be name after her. We protected the privacy of the calf mother, so will allow the children visit their new friend after some days when the mother has recovered from labour pain.

THANKS! I give you and LWB my heartfelt thanks for the great vision you had for these children, that has come to a reality.

I gave a large round of applauses to Mzee Muhoozi who has given all his time feeding and caring for this cow to reach the time of producing.

I finally give my thanks to each and everyone who lie behind our vision to make the a better place to live in.

I hope you will have a good rest and relaxation after a long trip.

Kind regards!

Isn’t she beautiful? We are so thankful that the baby cow was a girl, which means that the children at the school will one day have easy access to even more milk. Most of these children have never tasted milk before, so we are excited to think about the positive change that the cow we purchased in August and her new baby calf could have on these children’s daily lives.

We hope that additional cows could be purchased as funds are available to increase the milk supply for the children.

Uganda boy

The new school term began this week, and unfortunately since our visit last month, 12 children have lost weight. Innocent told them we were going to incorporate a breakfast program into their school day, and he said they were SO excited to think about eating food in the morning rather than the one meal per day that they are used to.

We have a vision with Innocent that we could put a sustainable food solution in place for these children by purchasing additional cows, chickens, honeybee hives, and more, so that they could have ongoing access to quality nutrition. Please consider purchasing one of these tangible items or becoming a monthly nutrition sponsor, and together we can help fight malnutrition for these wonderful children in Uganda.

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