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A Candle Lit

I know the news from Connecticut has caused all of our hearts to hurt. There is no way to even put into words the grief and sorrow that we feel when we learn that a child’s life has ended. It is never supposed to be that way.  Over the weekend I would turn on my television and then have to turn it off again, as it was too painful to hear the names and stories of the six and seven- year-olds who had died.

Those of you who follow our work know that we light candles whenever a baby or child in our programs passes away.  This tradition started for us because it was just one small thing we felt we could do to honor that they were here on this earth and that their lives mattered. This weekend, I lit my candle for the 20 children whose lives were taken away in Connecticut. My prayers are with their families as they try to come to terms with this tragedy. The sad reality though, is that every single day on this earth over 20,000 children lose their lives.   Every single day.   From poverty, hunger, illness, and yes —  also from neglect and violence.  Most of those kids will never make the headlines, of course, but their lives deserve to be mourned as well. I think at times like these, when our hearts are broken by the enormity of loss,  we have to recommit ourselves to making this world the best place possible it can be for the children. While our hearts grieve and our tears flow, we should pledge that we will try our very best to listen better….hug longer….and do all we can to help those who are hurting. We can light our candles in the darkness and know that a better, kinder world begins with each of us.

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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