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A Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1 in China, and students at our Jinjiang Believe in Me School were treated to some special food and performances.

What a feast the children had for Children’s Day!  It was reported that they ate lamb skewers, shrimp, fried pork, chicken legs, fish, vegetables and fruits!  We are happy to think of the many FULL tummies that night and think it’s pretty clear from these photos how much they enjoyed their special food.

Also, there was a wonderful performance put on at the orphanage by the children in public school – including some of our very own “graduated” Believe In Me students!

There was a huge crowd, and it appears to have been a gorgeous day.

It warms our hearts to see the children having this much fun and getting to celebrate childhood!

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  • JD says:

    Thank you so much for checking. We know our daughter is out there and we’ll be blessed when that day comes.

  • chinalwb says:

    We’ve just checked, and that little girl in the first photo is not available for adoption at this time. We appreciate your interest and wish you all the best as you pursue another adoption!

  • JD says:

    Is that precious little girl in the first photo on the shared list? Oh my goodness, she is sweet. My husband and I hope to adopt again, but are waiting for some pieces to come together!