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A Cozy New Coat

Brrrrrrr….China can be so cold in the winter! Isn’t it comforting to think of Jayda and these other rosy-cheeked children from Fuyang Foster Care bundled up in their cozy new coats? The children’s coats were purchased by donations to the Coats for Kids program. Not only are the coats warm, but some had hoods that came complete with animal ears…and in one case, a trunk!

Tristan: “Mooooo….I udderly love my new cow coat!”

Rex: “My new coat makes me feel as snug as a bear in his den.”

Lenny: “I don’t know if elephants need to stay warm, but I think it’s fun to look like one!”

For only $12, we can purchase a brand new coat to help keep other children warm throughout the long Chinese winter. The LWB Holiday Gift Guide makes it easy and is a great way to honor someone that you care about this holiday season…a thought which will surely warm anyone’s heart!

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