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A Desperate Situation

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” – Plato

Last week the medical program was notified about a family in desperate need of help from our Unity Fund. A husband and his pregnant wife went to a new city to look for work. The wife was orphaned at the age of eight and suffered heart disease. Because they were so poor, the wife insisted she keep working despite her pregnancy and poor health. Several weeks ago, their baby arrived prematurely and, sadly, the mother died during childbirth. This very poor young man now had to pay for a funeral for his wife and also the mounting medical bills to save the life of his child. The baby was in the ICU and weighed only 700g (that is about 1.5 lbs). He is now up to 1000g (just over 2 lbs.), but he has developed pneumonia and issues with his liver.

Because of the generous donations made to our Unity Fund, we have already been able to send some funds to help with the hospital bill. If this little guy can fight his way through the pneumonia and liver issues, we are going to move him to a larger hospital. As of now, however, he is just too fragile to transport.

We would like to ask for thoughts and prayers for this little baby that came into the world motherless. Also, please remember the father who has lost his wife, is desperate to save his son and carries the tremendous weight of mounting medical bills on his shoulders. If you would like to contribute to our Unity Fund which will help this struggling family, please click here. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Kate Finco, Medical Director

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