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A Family for Fen

Five years ago, I made my first visit to an orphanage and met so many beautiful children that my head was spinning. I wanted to adopt them all. The toddler and preschool children truly stole my heart, and one little girl made me smile again and again as she would repeat every single thing I said in English just perfectly. Fen was three years old at the time, and she would run up and say “hello!” over and over to me. She had been born with a cleft lip and palate, and when she was just a baby she suffered from a severe fever which left her with weakness on one side. But she never let it get her down. Over the years, I watched in joy as Fen performed many dances and songs for me. Her outgoing personality caught the eye of everyone who met her. This is a photo of her when she was three. Isn’t she so cute?
Over the years, each time I would go to China I would get to see Fen. She would literally jump into my arms saying, “mama mama!” and her English had expanded to include not only “how are you?” but also “I am fine, thank you!” She was loved by many of the workers at the orphanage and stole the hearts of each family who visited the SWI during their adoption trips.

When Fen was four years old, she was given the chance at adoption, but sadly it ended in disruption when she had a seizure while in Guangzhou. She returned to the orphanage where her seizures have since stopped. Over the last few years, I have often wondered what Fen would be doing today had she been adopted all those years ago. How different her life would have been. Would she be in dance class twirling around or playing soccer as part of a team? Would she have long hair with ribbons and barrettes and lots of friends in school? Would she still love singing and poetry? Four years of wondering about what could have been.

Fen is now eight years old, and we have asked again and again for her to be given a second chance at finding a family, because we know that Fen has so much to offer to this world. We were thrilled to learn a few weeks ago that her file was accepted once more and she is now on the shared agency list. This beautiful girl who loves music and dancing wants a family of her own so deeply. If you know of anyone who is interested in an older child adoption, please let them know that Fen is currently waiting. We are all praying for the wonderful moment when we learn that someone has said, “you will be my daughter.” Many families who have met Fen in person would love to adopt her but do not qualify under current rules. Please help us spread the news that Fen needs a family. She has waited so long. Surely it is her turn to be chosen and loved.
Amy Eldridge

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