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A Family for Phillip!

What’s that? A family, for me?

That’s right, Phillip! We’ve heard that you have a family working to bring you home just as quickly as they can.

This March, Phillip came to into our care when LWB supporters sponsored his heart surgery for ToF, or Tetralogy of Fallot. We all fell in love with “our favorite superhero” and his incredibly expressive face which always made us smile.

Phillip superhero 3.28.16

Phillip Nanny2 3.16

Phillip’s heart surgery, which we thought would be fairly simple, was anything but easy. Following surgery, he developed a very rare mycoplasma infection. Phillip became gravely ill while on the ventilator, and we were very concerned that he might not pull through. Every time they tried to remove the vent, he went into respiratory distress.

Phillip 5.12.16

Finally, after two months — success! Phillip was able to breathe on his own and slowly returned to his spunky self. (Read more details about Phillip’s story here).

This summer, Phillip was finally discharged from the hospital and our care and returned to his orphanage in Fujian. They immediately filed his adoption paperwork, and before long a family had claimed him as their own.

We are so happy for this adorable little guy and his lucky forever family!

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