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A Family’s Letter of Thanks

Dalang 7-16-13  3

We recently received this moving letter of thanks from the family of Dalang, the baby we featured in our blog earlier this summer, “A Father’s Plea for Help”.

Dear all LWB friends,

This is the father of Dalang, the CHD baby from Dushan County of Guizhou Province. On behalf of Dalang and all other our family members, I sincerely express all our appreciation for all you did for us.

On May 8, 2012, it was determined that Dalang suffers from Complex CHD by The People’s Hospital of Guizhou Province. Confronted by such bad news, all our family collapsed like a dam bursting. I even did not know how could we come back home from Guiyang to Dushan County. For one week we were in this sorrow; it is really hard to express the true feeling of that time.

It was you, LWB, giving your hand to our family in our most helpless period of time. It was you, my dearest LWB, our lifesaver, who saved my son’s life…In our saddest and most helpless days, it was you who helped us contact CHFD and arrange everything for us. It was you funded us when we had no way to borrow more money to afford the huge treatment fees, and it was you gave us psychological consideration and support.

Dalang 7-17-13

Once we arrived in Shanghai, a city that was once a friendless place for us, it was Teacher Wang who gave us a relative’s warm concern and guided us when we felt absentminded. He taught us how to go by bus or metro and arranged all hospitalization procedures by himself. He was so considerate, and some other patients in the sickroom misunderstood that Teacher Wang was the grandfather of Dalang. It was such a moving thing for us.

We must be thankful for small mercies. Your love has crossed oceans and boundaries! My loved benafactors, you provide your love with all respect to us.  It is such a pity that we cannot say thanks to you face to face. But we will store all these up in our heart. As Dalang grows up, we will teach him how to be a good man and how to be grateful, in order to acknowledge your good deeds to save his life.

Dalang 7-15-13 2 (2)

Now that Dalang has been discharged from CHFD, on behalf of all our family members, I sincerely thank you all from my deep heart. Only these words cannot express all my grateful feelings. We wish you all good health and a long life.

Yours, Shi Yang (on behalf of all family members).

With grateful hearts, we thank all who supported Dalang’s surgery as part of LWB’s Unity Fund.

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