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A Field Trip of Grasshoppers and Bubbles

What child doesn’t love going on a field trip with school friends? One sunny day this fall, the kids from “Believe In Me” Changde were thrilled when they were able to go on a field trip to a garden thanks to a generous donor. Much fun was had in the garden as they played games such as dancing in a circle and hide and seek. One boy, David Matthew, was excited to catch a grasshopper and observe it for a long time. The children know from their lessons that there are many insects in the world, but they don’t often have the opportunity to freely observe and play this way in a natural setting.

Looking for grasshoppers and other treasures.

After playing and exploring all morning, the kids lunched on Kentucky Fried Chicken in the garden and declared it the “most delicious” food in the world! The bubbles in the beverages were another source of great fascination to these kids.

“Wow! Check out all those bubbles in your drink!”

Small experiences like these made this field trip very meaningful to these boys and girls, all of whom have special needs and are unable to attend public school. If you’re interested in making this happen for another group of children in one of our education programs, please visit the Education section of our LWB Holiday Gift Guide. They will appreciate it more than you can imagine!

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  • Joan says:

    Everyone in China loves KFC!! I liked the fun drinks and ice cream that they offer 🙂

    Good that the kids can go out and enjoy the gardens.