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A Fond Farewell



The closing of a nutrition program…a different kind of success story! In February of 2006, one of our China directors received a phone call from the director of the Qingliu SWI in Fujian Province. They had a whole bunch of new babies and were only set up to care for elderly residents. So Love Without Boundaries helped to establish a baby room with fresh paint, new flooring, cribs, and plenty of formula.


Nearly two and a half years later, there are a number of very happy families in both China and abroad, who have been blessed by the adoption of Qingliu babies. Just two little ones are now left at the orphanage; one of these babies recently had surgery to remove a spinal tumor–with great success!– and has been registered for adoption. With the funding that adoption has brought into the SWI, more improvements have been made, and the staff can easily supply nutritious formula for these two babies and any others who may find themselves in the loving care of the Qingliu nannies.



Thank you and goodbye to our friends at Qingliu! We will miss you!


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  • Annette Payne says:

    The Little girl in the red dress we are adopting she has a forever home. We are hoping to be in China in November to bring her home. Thank you so much Love Without Boundaries and the staff of Qingliu forever thing you do.
    Annette & Joe Payne

  • Gina says:

    As the mother of one of those babies who were fortunate enough to participate in the nutrition program at Qingliu SWI, I will be eternally grateful to the wonderful work of Love Without Boundaries and the loving staff of Qingliu.