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A Generous Gift

The college students in our Mama’s Wish program have a new reason to celebrate, thanks to a generous grant from the Jie Jie Foundation. Recently, several new laptop computers were purchased for our university students to share. Additionally, university students received individual external hard drives.

Until now, the college students have had to walk to smoke-filled Internet bars and pay to use the computers in order to do their homework. The students are now able to share laptop computers and stay on campus to do research and write papers.

They were all so excited when presented with this unexpected surprise, and together they wrote to us expressing their gratitude:

“Last week, Mr. Jiancuo came to Xining and all of our college students who are in Xining got together and had a meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Jiancuo said, ‘The sponsors have offered you such convenient computers, so all of you must be able to know how to use the computer well. When you come back to home on the next holiday, everyone should show me what have you learned from the computer.’

“Each college is going to have one computer and we will take turns protecting the computer and checking it out to the students who need to use it. We bought a notebook to keep track of who has the computer. It’s very useful for us because we can use the computers for homework for school and make more time for study and less time at Internet bar.

“Therefore we want to say thank you very much that you offered us these wonderful computers to use. We never forget your kindness and are always holding you in our hearts. You are just like the sun and always shining to us and giving us warmth. Please give our best regards for all of your families!”

THANK YOU to the Jie Jie Foundation for making the lives of these promising college students a little bit easier.

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