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A Good News Update on Elena, Ryder, and Tobias

This October, three beloved residents of our China Healing Home were hospitalized — one for an unexpected heart surgery, one for pneumonia, and one for a planned colostomy reversal. Since these children have such an army of supporters, we wanted to share an update on how all three were doing.

Two-year-old Elena (seen above) is a little mystery lady. She has lagged developmentally and failed to gain strength and weight. After her lips began turning blue several weeks ago, she was rushed to the hospital for testing.

Doctors found an ASD heart defect and decided to repair it without delay. Elena was such a trooper and came off the ventilator in just one day. She remains in the hospital recovering from intermittent fevers and is in good spirits — as always!

Since entering LWB care last December with severe pneumonia, Ryder has really gained in strength…and pounds. Check out his double chins!

Unfortunately, those chubby cheeks belied some ongoing breathing issues. Our Healing Home staff became very concerned with Ryder’s wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. and Ryder was admitted to the hospital for breathing treatments and observation.

Doctors discovered that Ryder has a VSD heart defect which they are going to keep an eye on for the time being. Now, this beautiful boy is safely back in the comfort of his nanny’s arms at our Healing Homes — which is just where he likes it!

Two-and-a-half year old Tobias entered LWB care in August weighing just under 20 pounds. He was born with anal atresia that had never been surgically repaired and was in a great deal of pain. Tobias underwent weeks of preparation for surgery and then had a large part of his intestine removed in a colostomy procedure. (You can read more about it on our blog, The Tale of Tobias).

Once that issue was taken care of, Tobias really began to bloom, rewarding our nannies with so many smiles and giggles. These were extra special coming from him as he was so scared and uncomfortable when we first met him!

Although Tobias made friends and endeared himself to many parents and caregivers at the hospital, he was excited to get back to his friends and nannies at our Healing Home.

In fact, he greeted our China manager with open arms and a huge smile! The change in this beautiful boy is dramatic, and everyone who knows him now falls for his gentle, sweet personality.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Elena, Ryder, and Tobias with funding for their medical care as well as through their thoughts and prayers.

We are just so grateful that all three are “home” with us and on the mend!

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  • Lori P. says:

    So happy for Tobias. Thank you LWB!! Continued prayers and tons of HOPE going out to Tobias.

  • Sandy Walker says:

    God please continue to abundantly bless this amazing organization and all of those involved in the care of these beautiful children.