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A Healed Heart for Celine

Since her birth, Baby Celine had struggled with her health due to a lack of oxygen in her blood. She had been born with a complex hear defect which could not be repaired in her home country of Uganda, and we recently shared with you on our blog Celine’s Brave Fight that she would be traveling from Uganda to Israel for heart surgery.

Celine needed surgery as quickly as possible. When her visa to travel to Israel came through, she was on her way within days. However, upon arriving at the hospital, we learned Celine had contracted a serious respiratory virus infection. Her lungs were so compromised that the doctors placed her on a ventilator even before her operation.

Celine was finally able to have her cardiac surgery, and we are so happy to report that she is recovering more quickly than anyone expected! When her doctors recently looked at her new echo, they started applauding because her heart is now functioning exactly as it should be.

We thought this photo of her giving them a “side eye” was so funny, as she seems to be saying, “Just get me out of this hospital bed.”

Earlier this week, Celine was strong enough to go outside with her mom, and we loved this picture of her smiling in the sunshine.

This little girl has gone from being weak and tired to now lighting up the room with her glorious grin.

Another BEAUTIFUL life saved, thanks to the support of this wonderful LWB community. We just can’t thank you enough!

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