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A Helping Hand To Rural Families: Our Unity Initiative

One-year-old Sharmaine lives in a rural village in Anhui province, a region known for growing traditional Chinese herbs and medicine. When she was born, however, she needed far more than the ancient healing methods available. Sharmaine was quickly diagnosed with a congenital heart defect that required surgery.  Her parents and aging grandmother were sadly unable to pay for the life-saving operation she needed. 

Our CEO Amy Eldridge was just in Anhui last week, and she reports that many of the orphanages she visited still report a high abandonment rate of babies born with medical needs.  In one orphanage near Sharmaine’s hometown, the director reported that five to six babies a month enter their orphanage due to being born with conditions such as congenital heart disease.  We believe strongly that many of the birth families who choose abandonment do so out of desperation, which is why we believe so strongly in our Unity Initiative for rural families.

Through this life-changing program, we enter into a three-way partnership with the family and the hospital to help children like Sharmaine get the surgery they need.  Thanks to your support, this beautiful little girl was admitted to a top heart hospital in Anhui a few weeks ago to finally get the healing she deserved.

We are thrilled to let you know that surgery was a complete success, and we know you’ll agree she couldn’t be any cuter!

Like Sharmaine, Renata is a one-year-old girl from rural Anhui. She has a hole in her heart that is causing her to have elevated blood pressure, and doctors feel she needs surgery immediately.

Renata has been admitted to the hospital, and LWB has partnered with her parents to fund Renata’s surgery. She still needs $2,900 to fully fund her operation. Would you like to help? Your donation in any amount will make a wonderful difference in Renata’s and her family’s lives.

It is only because of your kindness and compassion for these families in need that we are able to enter into this very beneficial partnership — and we could not be more grateful!

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