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A Letter From David and Anny’s Mom

LWB made a commitment many years ago that we would do everything we could to help families stay united.  As a charity dedicated to the orphaned, we know that preventing a child from losing their birth parents is an essential part of our work. Through our Unity Initiative and in partnership with the Kim Clement Center, we are so happy to be helping two beautiful children with a very rare medical condition get the  care they need to survive.  Both children were born with Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome, and without surgery, their lungs and heart will fail.  Their mom Sue recently wrote the following letter:


Dear Friends:

Last September, after we took our children Anny and David to see all the famous doctors all over China, and all the doctors said sorry that they were unable to help us. And some doctors said our children would die without surgery as soon as possible. The only thing I could do is to wait for my babies to die one day.

Second, we try our best to find a way to the USA where we learned that there might be hope for treatment. At first, we thought about immigration, and I consulted some agency and told them we don’t have so much money and our children’s situation. Then all of them told us no. In China, I bought the commercial insurance for our children but they can’t cover the fee and we have rural cooperative insurance which will cover about 10% total fee if they are treated in China and not cover abroad.

After trying to find options both in China and the US for my children to get medical treatment, we decided to ask charities for help.

I sent emails to as many as possible charity organizations for help. Most of them did not reply and some of them said no. In fact, LWB replied me no the first time I sent email because it is so complicated and would cost so much money. They never meet such kind of case before. But Amy, the founder and CEO of LWB, doesn’t give up and she does so much hard working from the beginning she knew our family.

While we were waiting for someone to help, we became so desperate and I joined a social network for moms who have lost children to disease. One mom told me that her son died and that maybe the only we can save our children’s life would be if we gave them up for adoption.

So I began to contact adoption agencies. I asked the same question to all the moms who contacted me : do you mind to adopt them in law and we take care of them daily? In fact after they knew our situation, all of them try to find a way that our children can be treated in the USA and we can stay together with our babies.

On the night of May 12, LWB told me that Dr. Skaggs in Children’s hospital Los Angeles would like to see our children in person and that kind people will help us raise the funds. Why I remember the date so clearly? It is a big date, we passed the Visa Interview at the day time and then at the same day (our night time and US day time) Amy told us such a great news! So I do know God gives the perfect arrangement to our family.

Amy and the Kim Clement Center made the arrangements, and we thank you so much for this kindness!


At last, please help us FUND-RAISING and PRAYING for all things go well! I call it a Journey of Hope. I pray that there is a way to help our Anny and David to gain some weight and breathe normally. They will have life long medical problems and as parents we will do everything we can to help them to grow up.

Thank you all! Thank you for everything!

Best wishes,

We are happy to report that Sue and her family landed safely in LA last night!  We hope you will join with us in showing them just how precious and important we feel their family is.  No parent should have to watch their children become more and more sick, with no way of helping them.  Donations of any amount towards their surgical care will be greatly appreciated!  If you would like to help, visit this donation link now.  THANK YOU!


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  • Nicole says:


    I annoying to help a mom in the phillipines whose daughter has thoracic innsuffency syndrome as well. They need the VEPTR procedure by no funds. I also would like to connect her daughter with your two kids so maybe they could become pen pals and not have to feel so alone.

    Nicole Ruland

    Thanks in advance for your help.