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A letter from Hunan

Our Believe in Me school teachers are all such wonderful ladies. This summer we sent several of them to Beijing to go to an advanced Montessori training. Afterwards, we received this letter which we wanted to share. The last line goes to everyone who supports our education programs!
The teachers want me to tell you and all sponsors something about their training.

We gained a lot from this training and felt it is very very meaningful to work with the special kids. The most important is we knew how to get along well with children, how to become their friend, how to get into their wonderful world and how to teach them through playing.

We think there were some teaching methods need to be improved. Aftering reopening the school, we will try to make them practice more. The kids are the key of our work, but we cann’t let them do whatever they wanna do. We should make them know right and wrong, they should say sorry if they made mistake. We could encourage them to do some self-care activities as possible as they can, and give them reward\prize when they finish the task. If some of them couldn’t finish, we can help them but just when they really need help. But first, they should know it is necessary to say:” Please lend me a hand or Please help me.”

We are sure all the teaching materials will be definitely used. Because they are too useful for our work and very significant for the kids’ develop!

Thank you for loving these special kids. Their lives are totally different because of your love.

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