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A Life Saved by MedArt and New Hope

Do you remember Tai? He was one of the children who benefited when Love Without Boundaries won the Cookie Magazine ‘Smart Cookie’ Contest (http://lwbstories.com/?p=1412#more-1412).

Tai was born with his bladder on the outside of his body, a very serious birth defect. LWB immediately started looking for a way to help this child. We heard, ‘we can’t’, ‘this is too difficult’, ‘this is too expensive’, ‘this child can’t survive’ over and over and over again. But, two voices rang out loud and clear saying, ‘we will help this child’—Dr. John Ngan of MedArt and Dr. Joyce Hill of New Hope Foundation.

MedArt (http://www.medart.org.hk/index.html) is a group of doctors and musicians in Hong Kong who have dedicated their lives and donated their time and skills to helping children through their China Orphan Outreach project. These extraordinarily skilled physicians handle some of the most difficult surgical cases, and they do it all for free. Tai’s case is a perfect example of what MedArt does so well. Many doctors can perform the surgery to put the bladder back into the body, but very few are able to achieve the results that the MedArt doctors can. Significant scarring, additional surgeries and possible lifelong incontinence are not uncommon with this type of repair. However, the doctors at MedArt are known throughout the world for the highest-quality repair, greatly reducing the risks for long-term problems for the child. Not only did Tai receive exceptional surgical care from the doctors at MedArt, but also the entire staff couldn’t have been kinder or more compassionate while they were caring for our little guy. But Tai had another guardian angel—Dr. Joyce Hill.

Dr. Hill of New Hope Foundation in Beijing (http://www.hopefosterhome.com/) was instrumental in arranging Tai’s surgery at MedArt. She oversaw his care prior to surgery in our Heartbridge Unit housed inside the Hope Healing Home. Once discharged from the hospital in Hong Kong, Tai returned to Heartbridge, where he is recovering beautifully from this life-changing surgery.

All of us at LWB wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ngan and his team at MedArt, Dr. Hill, and all of Tai’s sponsors. They have truly given hope to a child who had none. It is a great honor and a privilege for LWB to work with these two great organizations and individuals that have such big hearts for children.

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