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A Lifetime of Smiles

Our Believe in Me schools are special places, created to give every child the opportunity to attend school. During the week, they look forward to school where they learn their lessons, eat healthy snacks, sing, dance, make art projects and develop social skills appropriate for a classroom.

4-8-12 Tommy & Beth

Our wonderful teachers have kind hearts and loads of patience as they work with the children every day. So, when the teachers mention a concern, it is taken seriously. Recently, the teachers told LWB that they were concerned about the children’s dental hygiene.

While the orphanages provide medical care, food and shelter for the children, dental care is not a frequent practice in most orphanages. In fact, dental care in China is not often a priority. Without the proper care for their teeth, the children are more likely to have dental issues as they get older or even more severe health issues that can be caused by poor dental hygiene.

We are already seeing evidence of this as we see more older children adopted and hear about their often severe dental issues once they arrive home. Addressing this need seemed important and necessary.

We are excited to start our new Safe Dental Care program in our schools! The students will now be learning that teeth matter. They will be taught the importance of dental hygiene and will also brush their teeth daily as a part of the school day. While this will not solve all of their dental problems, we are hoping that some preventative care will go a long way to giving these children a lifetime of smiles.

prepasted toothbrush

Now we need your help. For only $36, you can fund an entire year of dental care for one child. That comes down to only 10 cents a day!

dime (1)

It may sound like a cliché, but in this instance, a little money truly does go a long way. Please consider helping to sponsor a child’s dental care and help make their future, and their smile, a little brighter.

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