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A Lifetime of Smiles In Action!

Brushing teeth is something most of us take for granted.  In an orphanage setting, however, dental hygiene comes with challenges most of us wouldn’t even consider.


Last year, the teachers in one of our Believe in Me schools told us that the students’ breath was so terrible that it was difficult to get close to them to teach and interact with them. So, we initially thought of how simple it might be to provide toothrushes. However, in discussing this plan with medical experts, we all understood that we had consider the conditions in an orphanage setting, since universal precautions may not be followed.  Some children could have conditions such as hepatitis, which can be spread by bodily fluids.   This presented unique challenges for us to ensure that every toothbrush would be kept separate and clean for all of the children.


A new program called “A Lifetime of Smiles” was born. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we were able to provide each child with their own bowl, disposable toothbrush and cup!


Our teachers are following all precautions by having the kids use disposable toothbrushes and individual bowls.


The teachers have also begun to incorporate lesson plans about oral health into the kids’ day.



Hopefully, caring for their teeth will become a habit for life!


In 2014, we hope to roll out this dental program to each and every one of our LWB school programs.  Dental health is not just cosmetic — it is essential to a child’s overall health and makes them feel better about themselves.

We are still looking for sponsors for our “Lifetime of Smiles” program so all students in our school programs can benefit.

A year-long sponsorship is just $36, or 10 cents per day! To learn more, please visit our sponsor page.  We think it will make you smile…as well as the kids!

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