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Please Allow Us to Brag About These Boys!

LWB’s Education Program has many students who are making great progress, thanks to the opportunities given to them by their sponsors. We would like to introduce you to and brag about three of our preschool students: Joshua, Brian Christopher, and Will.


Joshua has made so much progress in his toddler class. When he first came to school, he walked unsteadily. Now he not only walks smoothly, but also very quickly! In class he is the teacher’s little helper. When Joshua enters the classroom, he takes off his shoes. He pats the other children to be sure they know he is around. When other students drop food on the floor, Joshua helps them pick up the food and throw it in the garbage can. He even shares his food with others. When he encounters foods he dislikes, he frowns and waves his hands at his teachers to express to them he doesn’t enjoy eating it. Joshua is working on his language skills. When he wants to be embraced by his teacher, he stands in front of her and stretches out his hands to let her know he wants a hug. When he leaves school, he puts on his shoes and says goodbye to his teacher.


When Brian Christopher entered preschool, he communicated very little with others. He has made great progress and likes to answer his teacher’s questions and help his friends. This little boy is very smart and has a wonderful imagination. Brian Christopher has strong hand coordination and follows rules to learn and complete his work. He is a very organized boy, and he uses his observation skills in class to investigate and study. Brian Christopher’s language is developing too. He can use some phrases to express himself, such as, “Wow! This milk is very delicious.”


Will has a small body stature and a big mind. When he started preschool, he struggled with basic self care, but now he is able to follow his teacher’s instructions and to tell his teacher when he needs to use the bathroom, among other things. Will has made great progress in his language development. He enjoys the attention and praise from others. When he wants attention, Will will sing while laughing. He does well with his school work, and his hand coordination is improving as he does paper tearing and drawing work. Will chooses the brush he likes for painting and afterward loves to show his masterpiece to his teacher. Will is a loving child, who is thriving in preschool.

We are grateful for the opportunities made possible to these young boys and for the privilege of watching them thrive.

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