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A Look at Lianne Through the Years

Over the years I’ve worked with LWB’s Foster Care Program, I have been lucky to personally meet quite a few of the children in our programs. I can say without hesitation that Lianne has made a mark on my heart like no other child in China. Now that her adoption file is available, I want to share everything I can about her to help her find her forever family.

I first saw Lianne’s photo back in June 2005 when we had been sent some photos of children suitable for our new Anhui foster care program.  I was immediately drawn to a photo of a beautiful little three-year-old girl with huge eyes.

The following January on a very cold winter’s day, I met this little girl in person.  I was charmed by a smiling, tiny little girl (now four years old) wearing many layers and a hand warmer around her neck.  It was almost as big as she was!

Lianne was so outgoing and happy and was an absolute delight to spend time with.  However, it was obvious that she was struggling with speech due to her unrepaired cleft palate.  Her reports over the previous months also indicated that she had problems eating solid food due to her open palate.  Fortunately we were able to send Lianne on our 2006 cleft trip held in Hefei, where she had a lip revision and the first of her palate surgeries.  I was a volunteer on that trip, so I got to spend lots of time with Lianne.  She and her foster brother arrived on the second day of our exchange and were soon running around the hospital ward delighting all our volunteers.  It didn’t take her long to realize that the snacks were kept in our office and that there was always someone in that room who would be willing to play with her.

On the day of Lianne’s surgery, I was able to take her from her foster mother up to the operating room.  I stayed to watch her operation before returning her to her foster mom afterwards.  The next day Lianne was up and about, and she was soon discharged to return to her home city.

Lianne is now twelve years old. While she is very active and agile, she still has speech issues for which she truly needs speech therapy, something which is just not available where she lives.  The majority of children in this particular foster care program live in one area very close together.  All the families in the neighborhood know our children, and the kids all play together.  Lianne’s foster mom is the “head foster mom” and is the one who helps our manager during the monthly visits.  As Lianne has grown older, she has also taken on this role. She loves nothing more than taking our manager down the narrow alleyways to visit each child.  She is very popular among the other children and has many friends.

I have watched over this little girl for so many years, and she is such a sweet child.  When I come to visit her, she always rushes to greet me and give me a hug .  Lianne definitely has my heart.

I’d like to share some photos that show her beautiful progression in our foster care program over the past seven years.








Lianne is a caring child who is polite, helpful, and works hard at her studies. I have no doubt that she will be the most wonderful daughter to any family considering adopting her.  She is truly a delight to be around.

 ~Arlene Howard, Director of Foster Care

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  • Roy Cross says:

    She has a family now!!!!

  • Erin says:

    This is Allie, waiting on the BAAS list! She is not 12 yrs old; she just turned 11 yrs old at the end of November. What a beautiful young girl!

  • Ashley Perkins says:

    Could we please get more information on Lianne. We are considering adopting, this will be our third adoption and we are hoping to reuse our dossier. Thank you, Ashley perkins