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A Look Back: Final Medical Program Highlights for 2016

As we bring you highlights from the final months of 2016, we want you to know that your love and support has made it possible for children in three different countries to feel better, smile more, and dare to hope for their futures.

Our CEO, Amy Eldridge, traveled to Uganda in the summer to open a new Education program there. While she was there, she met Iginitius, an adorable six-year-old boy.

In early September we learned that Iginitius needed surgery to remove an abdominal tumor. Using funding provided by our Emergency Medical Fund, we were able to help Iginitius receive the surgery he needed.

Ignitious is recovering very well and is now an active student at our Believe in Me school in Kabale!

Joanna was born with acromphalus (only a thin membrane covering her internal organs). Immediate treatment was critical to her survival.

Thanks to our Emergency Medical Fund, we were able to move Joanna to a top pediatric hospital within hours of her abandonment where she remained hospitalized for one month.

She recovered beautifully and received specialized care and lots of love in our Heartbridge Healing Home. We just learned that Joanna was adopted domestically by a family from China!

LWB’s Cambodia Director told us about Charles, a 15-year-old boy who had been hit by a car in August and suffered a broken femur.

Charles’ family was very poor and so he was unable to receive the surgery he needed, leaving him in terrible pain and in danger of losing his leg. He had to be carried around by his friends since he couldn’t put any weight on his injured leg. We were very grateful that Bangkok Christian Hospital agreed we could send Charles for treatment. He received orthopedic surgery and is now recovering well.

Charles and his mother are both so very thankful to LWB and the wonderful donors who made this surgery possible.

Our December highlight is actually a 2016 highlight since conjoined twins, Harley and James, came to our attention in January.

Their parents were very young and impoverished but did everything they could to find their sons the medical care they needed. Fortunately, they found our Unity Initiative.

We made arrangements for the family (including their devoted grandma) to go to Shanghai for surgery. In February, the twins had their complex separation surgery. It took 11 hours and 4 teams of surgeons, but it was successful!

Subsequently, Harley and James had club foot casting, urogenital surgery, and one had an intestinal blockage that required surgery.

Finally, in the final month of 2016, Harley and James had their colostomy reversal surgeries. They have had a very long, arduous journey but are doing great!

The surgery teams who did the initial separation surgery were so happy to see that Harley and James are developing well and are beginning to take their first steps. The twins’ parents and their grandmother are so thankful to everyone who helped their beautiful boys throughout this year.

What a different future for this family because of your kindness and compassion.

On behalf of these children and the many more who were helped this year through LWB’s medical program, thank you for partnering with us on this journey through 2016 to offer children hope through healing!

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