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A Look Back: More 2016 Medical Program Highlights

Previously we shared our Medical program’s highlights from the beginning of 2016. We hope you’ll join us today as we revisit some of the stories and successes from the middle part of last year.

Phillip came into LWB care in the spring of 2016 for heart surgery and struggled with his recovery—needing not just one but two heart surgeries as well as a diaphragm surgery—before he could finally leave the hospital.

Phillip spent the entire month of May in the pediatric ICU, and we were all so worried about him. Thanks to our Heart Surgery Fund, we were able to stand by Phillip during his time in the hospital and provide a full-time nanny to stay with him.

Now, Phillip is doing very well and is awaiting his forever family to take him home in the next few weeks!

This little boy sure caused some gray hairs but, it was all worth it knowing he is happy, healthy and about to have his very own family.

Naomi came into our hands in June as a tiny preemie who needed specialized hospital care.

Getting a preemie to the hospital as quickly as possible can make a tremendous difference in a child’s survival and their future. Miss Naomi discharged from the hospital after one month of care and is doing very well at our Anhui Healing Home.

What a difference it makes to be able to move children to the hospital immediately using LWB’s Emergency Medical Fund!

Six-year-old Libby was born with a unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate. In July she and two boys from the same orphanage had surgery to repair their cleft lips through our Cleft Surgery Fund.

While a cleft lip repair brings an obvious visual difference, there are other benefits as well: better language development, better nutrition because it is easier to eat, and psychological and social benefits.

Here is Libby just two months after her cleft surgery! She is doing great, and we are hoping this lovely girl will have a family of her own very soon.

Orphanages often call us about  children in their care who develop undiagnosed health issues. Ian’s orphanage contacted us because he began having terrible headaches, and the local hospital wasn’t able to determine the cause. They asked if we could help get him the medical care he needed at a top pediatric hospital.

Thanks to the Medical Care Fund, we moved Ian to a top pediatric hospital where they were able to determine that his headaches were actually epileptic seizures. Ian was given medication for his epilepsy, and now his caregivers have a better understanding of his needs and how to best help him.

Isn’t it wonderful to look back on some of the beautiful children you have helped?

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our Medical highlights for 2016. We are so grateful to everyone for their continued support of this important program.

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