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A Love for Life and Learning

For the past two and a half years, exuberant eight-year old Rosa has been in our Zhaotong foster care program.  Rosa was born with a clubbed foot and an extra toe and also has suffered nerve damage following surgery for spinal bifida.   These and other medical issues have prevented her from attending school, but Rosa refuses to let that stop her from learning.  To support her desire to read and write, her foster parents bought a little desk and chair for her and put it in their home.  Every day, Rosa sits down with her exercise books and pencils and practises writing characters and some mathematical problems. Her most fervent hope and dream is to go to school.

Rosa has impressed her foster parents and other adults who know her with her aptitude for learning.  Many have commented that she is extremely quick to grasp new things.  She has recently been heard singing a perfect English version of “Old McDonald Had a Farm”– which she learned from watching TV!

Not only is Rosa quick to learn, but she’s also extremely independent, polite and helpful.  In her foster parents’ eyes, she is a “perfect child”   Rosa had a younger foster brother that she loved to care for and teach, and when he was adopted earlier this year she was crushed and misses him greatly.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Rosa find her own forever family this year — one who would be able to support her obvious desire to learn?  We can only imagine the love and joy that Rosa’s passion for life could bring to a very special family.

If you think you might be the family for the very special girl or know of someone who could be, please contact us at [email protected]

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