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A Lucky Draw

We’re very happy to tell you that our family’s foster care child, Becca, had a very wonderful first birthday! She is also our first cleft home baby who has had a  birthday.


The first birthday is regarded as very important by Chinese people. Usually a sumptuous dinner party is held for the birthday.


Today Becca’s foster parents prepared a birthday celebration for her.



During the festivities, there is a kind of ceremonial lucky draw on the first birthday. The lucky draw is to place several objects or gifts in front of the child to have the child to pick to see what she/he likes most. Usually the first thing she/he takes is to show what she/he might be when she grows up…  



 Becca’s foster parents put a pen, a book, an apple, a one hundred note, and a globe for Becca to choose.  If Becca  takes the pen and book first, that will symbolically mean she will be a scholar, scientist or something like that in the future. If she takes the money, she will be a successful businessman. If she takes the apple, that means she will have a happy, peaceful and abundant life.


Becca chose the pen first. And of course, she then took the other things one by one.


She is a lovely and clever girl. We all love her. The first birthday is a big step in her life. We all gave her our best wishes and wish her to have everything as our own children have.



Thank you to the donors for their generous help. Thank you to the LWB volunteers for what they have done to help these orphaned children like Becca.


Zhang Ming

Anhui Regional Director & ACHH Manager


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