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A Lunch Date With Harley and James

Harley and James, the formerly conjoined twins, were treated to lunch this week by some of our wonderful volunteers in Shanghai! Their mission? To delivery a very special package from a 96-year-old grandmother in Missouri.

The twins’ mom enjoyed looking at the photos sent by the big-hearted grandma who lovingly crocheted and purchased items of clothing for the boys.

The hand-knit hats fit Harley and James perfectly!

The twins are healthy and quite active and keep their parents on their toes. James is now wearing special shoes, and Harley’s leg is now in a cast to help correct his club feet. Neither of these things seem to have dampened their happy moods one bit!

Harley James dad 2 5.25.16

One of our volunteers tells us:

When I took the family home to their apartment, they did something which touched my heart so much:  They gave me a big hug for the grandma and again asked me to be sure to pass on their good wishes to her.

We are filled with gratitude to this wonderful grandma for touching this family’s hearts and for letting them know, on behalf of all of us, how many people from across the world love them and wish them well!

Thank you again to everyone who made their surgery possible.  The impact of your kindness definitely is boundless!

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