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A Mama of Her Own for Alejandra

LWB’s Medical Program first met Alejandra in early 2011 when her orphanage in Guizhou Province asked us to help provide for her medical care. Alejandra was born with a severe facial cleft and needed cleft surgery, as well as another surgery for a painful and complicated hernia. At four years old she had her hernia surgery first.

Alejandra before her cleft lip surgery…

Soon after her fifth birthday Alejandra finally had her cleft lip surgery, and she came away with a beautiful smile. Eight months later Alejandra was back in the hospital again for her cleft palate surgery last fall.

Alejandra after her lip surgery!

Despite Alejandra’s health needs, she has always been happy and active during her hospital stays. She quickly made friends with other children in the hospital and always had a smile on her face. Alejandra cooperated well with the doctors for everything…except when it came to getting a shot.

Within days after her cleft palate surgery, Alejandra was already talking more clearly, something that is wonderful for everyone who knows this now six-year-old. Alejandra has spent so much time around her doctor in Kunming that she called her “Mama.” The doctor was very happy about this, but it showed us all the true desire in this precious little girl’s heart to have a mama of her own.

Smiling again…just days after her palate surgery.

We were delighted learn that Alejandra finally has a mama of her own. She was adopted domestically in March. Alejandra’s wonderful personality drew a family to her, and they were able to adopt her because she had already received the medical treatment that she needed. We are so happy for this little girl!

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  • Leslie says:

    That is AMAZING news! So happy for this sweet girl who has a forever family and in her HOME country! I can only imagine how delighted her new family is to have her! She is PRECIOUS!!!

  • Jill says:

    That is WONDERFUL! So thrilled for her and for the family that adopted her. THANK YOU for being the help she needed.