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A Memo from Zane

April 29, 2011
To: Families Seeking a Clever, Happy, Loving Son
From: Ten-year-old Zane from Zhejiang

Please be informed that I am still waiting on word that my family has found my file and sent in their paperwork to bring me home. It’s pretty hard for me to understand what is taking so long as I have been ready to meet them now for such a long time! While I wait, I have been trying to stay busy.   Besides my schoolwork, I have been very busy rehearsing for the upcoming Children’s Day performance. Because I have a reputation for having great rhythm, I have learned many dances that I would be pleased to show anyone who is interested.

You might remember that I used to be a very sick boy. In fact, my heart didn’t work properly, and my coloring was blue (you can read all about it in “Zane’s Miracle”)! Breathing in the winter time was especially difficult. However, thanks to some extremely generous folks from around the world, I was able to have the heart surgery I desperately needed and now am feeling great!  My heart is not only healthy but happy too.  I love to play with my friends as well as sing and dance. I also had fun dressing up as Santa for the holidays.

Well, I’m going to stop now for a coffee break.

I truly hope that I won’t have to wait much longer to meet you, family of mine. I have big plans for us, really big plans!  Here’s wishing you peace…until we finally meet.

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