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A Mother with "Double Love"

We are so fortunate to have one very special foster mom in our Guilin Foster Care Program. She has provided a loving home for 11 orphaned children over the past several years, with ten of her foster children being twins! She is such an incredible, women who always wanted to have more children. She is known as the mother with “double love” because of her love for her twins. She recalls when the first set of twins left home. “I cried all night. My heart was so broken”, she says. But with incredible strength she returned to the orphanage only a short time later to ask for another child. There has been a steady stream of twins in her home over the past years. These children are so fortunate to have this wonderfully dedicated foster mother who has such a gift for caring for these children. What a true blessing she is to our program!

LeeAnn Mill

Guilin Foster Care Coordinator

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