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A Mother’s Desperation

About a month ago, XianRui began complaining that her tooth hurt.  After some time, her jaw began swelling on the left side and she began running a high fever. XianRui’s parents borrowed money to take her to the doctor and were encouraged to go on to the hospital in Kunming. By the time they arrived, she had an infection in her bloodstream, and doctors discovered that she also had TB.  


XianRui’s mother heard about LWB’s Unity Fund, which is designed to help families remain together, and wrote to ask for our help in getting treatment for her precious daughter.

My name is Nianmei, mother of XianRui. We are very poor and live on a small piece of land in our village. There are five people in my family. Our 73 year old grandma is very sick and relies on our care. Our older daughter is 14 years old and is in middle school. Our younger daughter, XianRui, is four years old.

My husband’s side is very poor too. His parents often get sick. My husband never got any education because his family is too poor. My family is also poor. We do not have our place to live. We live with my older brother. We only have a small piece of land and make less than 2,000 RMB per year from the land. We try to do some work to make more money. But we had no education, so we can barely make any income. We don’t have any money left. My older daughter’s tuition is all subsidized by the government, but we are not sure if it is still available next year for high school. She loves going to school. My husband and I work very hard to save money for her education. We do not want her to repeat our life. Our younger daughter has never been to kindergarten. To make life better for the children, we moved to the city but we can only do some labor work and make very little money.

A month earlier, our younger daughter said she had toothache. We did not bring her to the hospital due to the cost. We thought it would be all right. But her left jaw got very swollen and she was running a high fever. We brought her to the small clinic. But things did not get better. We borrowed 3,000 RMB and brought her to Kunming Children’s Hospital. But she is still very sick. Doctors said she had very complicated issue. She now has blood infection all over her body. The doctors have not found out why she has the swollen jaw and high temperature. They suspect she has TB or cancer. She is getting worse every day. Our family is collapsing. We cry all the time. She is a good girl and does not cry no matter how painful it is. My heart is broken. She is only four. We will spend whatever we have to save her life. But life is so cruel. We have raised money from all possible sources. We have 30,000 RMB of debt. All our relatives and friends are poor and they do not have more money to lend to us. We do not know what to do. We will tell our daughter to learn appreciation and help those in need. Please help us and save XianRui. We will thank you forever.

It’s so difficult for most of us to imagine being unable to help our child receive basic medical care.  If you would like to help XianRui and her family, you can do so by donating to her surgery fund. No donation is too small to help!

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