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A New Adventure: An Education Success Story

It’s time to enter the big world of learning: preschool. A new adventure for any preschooler, children will be given the opportunity to explore; participate in sing-alongs, crafts, and story time; and learn the age-appropriate fundamentals of socialization. Even when children are living together in an orphanage, the experience of entering an LWB Believe in Me classroom at the orphanage brings out the individual personalities of each child and exposes him or her to a new world. Like all preschoolers, ┬áthat first exposure to school can be overwhelming. Jamie wasn’t very happy to start school in September.

Jamie beginning preschool

At the universally typical preschool first day, there are the children who rush to the projects, and there are the children who cry. Jamie cried. When coaxed to participate, he didn’t want to. Socially, Jamie was aggressive. When he found he couldn’t get his own way, Jamie collapsed into tantrums. Every day, for many days, was just like the first day of school for Jamie. He had such a hard time adapting to this new place and the new routine of preschool.

The Believe In Me teachers, with patience and endurance, waited until Jamie too discovered his individuality in the classroom. Jamie found he could make his friends laugh. He has a talent for making anything fun. Now Jamie looks forward to school every day. His self-esteem is higher. There are still preschooler moments of crying — but not as many. Who would believe that this happy, smiling boy was the same boy who had such a difficult time in the beginning?

Jamie, happy and smiling

Like preschoolers everywhere, Jamie is learning basic skills and developing emotionally. Jamie’s progress and success are what LWB supporters, volunteers, and staff believe can happen when every child is just given a chance.

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