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A proud graduate!

Eleven students sponsored through Love Without Boundaries are graduating from college this year.

One of these eleven proud graduates is Wan Ma who just received her degree in Animal Husbandry from the University of Chengdu. However, Wan Ma is only getting started; in the future, she hopes to continue her education, earn a Master’s Degree and return to her village and make a difference. Love Without Boundaries’ Mama’s Wish Program helps 100 of the most promising rural students in the Tibetan plateau. For many girls in this region, arranged marriages at ages 14 or 15 take the place of education.

Without the wonderful support of our sponsors, students like Wan Ma could not realize their dreams. Thank you supporters, and congratulations to Wan Ma! We wish you joy and happiness in life.

Jody Goering is Mama’s Wish Associate Director for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Illinois, USA with husband Addison and five children. Jody and Addison have one homegrown son and three daughters and a son adopted from China.

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