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A Reminder from Emilio to Help Heartbridge – Shop the “Born in My Heart” Art Auction, April 22-27!

Meet Emillio. Doesn’t he have a winning smile? But this adorable little boy didn’t have much to smile about just a few short months ago.

Emillio was born in October 2009. This tiny baby came into orphanage care with a severe bowel obstruction. Love Without Boundaries was contacted about him, and our medical team was able to arrange immediate surgery to save his life. After a successful surgery, Emillio recovered for two weeks in the hospital and then returned to the care of his orphanage.

However, Emillio suffered unexpected complications and was rushed back to the hospital nine days later. He was unable to keep any formula down, was severely dehydrated, and had to be tube-fed as he could not even tolerate water. Three weeks later, Emillio was reintroduced to the bottle but could only drink about an ounce of formula at a time. A week later, Emillio was able to take 13.5 ounces of formula in 24 hours and was finally strong enough to leave the hospital and travel to the Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit in mid-December.

Since his arrival at Heartbridge, Emillio has made incredible progress. During those first few days, Emillio was still very thin and weak, but remained stable and could drink two ounces of formula at a time. By the end of February, he was taking 5.4 ounces with each feeding and had gained over four pounds! And although he is doing great, he still needs careful monitoring and frequent feedings.

Emillio is a very sweet baby who loves to be cuddled or gently rocked in his bouncy chair. His nanny insists that he is very bright. He cries loudly when he wants attention, and then responds to a kind word or a stroke of his fuzzy head with a radiant grin.

This year, 25% of LWB’s “Born In My Heart” Art Auction proceeds will go to the Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit, where your donation or purchase will help keep the smile on little Emillio’s face – as well as the faces of the other children receiving TLC at Heartbridge! (The remaining 75% of the proceeds will help children with medical needs in other Love Without Boundaries programs.)

Mark your calendar! The Love Without Boundaries “Born in My Heart” Art Auction is on eBay from April 22-27. This year, there are more than 300 items – artwork, Chinese arts and crafts, handmade quilts, children’s items, etc. – up for auction, and all proceeds will go to help children with medical needs ranging from heart surgery to pneumonia care. For more information, contact us at auction@lwbmail.com. Emilio and his friends at Heartbridge thank you!

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