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A Sad Day

Today was a very difficult day, as one of the babies who was coming to be evaluated by Dr. Buckmiller passed away.   Little Bella was coming from Amanda’s Starfish home, and right after landing at the airport she went into distress.  She was taken from the airport by ambulance to the hospital struggling to breathe.  The doctors tried so hard to save her life, but we are sad to report that she did not make it.   Our thoughts and prayers are with sweet Bella, who tonight is being held in heaven.  We also send prayers of sympathy to all of the people who cared for her.  



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  • Marian Fiala says:

    It truly is a sad day. Bella and her care-givers will be in my thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. I also pray for the children waiting for surgery and hope for a speedy and full recovery afterward. I also pray the Lord gives all medical staff involved the strength and support needed for this mission.

  • Stacey Simmons says:

    Oh, I am so sad. I read about her on Amanda’s blog and I have been following the journey of the children with hemangiomas receiving surgery. My daughter has a PWS birthmark and I have a special place in my heart for children with birthmarks. I know that Bella is now singing with angels in God’s presence. I am still so sad. I add my prayers of sympathy and love to all those who cared for her.