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A Second Chance for Chloe Post Disruption

Recently we learned that the adoption one of the children from LWB’s Medical Program was disrupted shortly after it was finalized in China. Since many of us had met Chloe in person, our hearts were very sad that she would not end up with a permanent family. We are so thankful that her orphanage has agreed that she can be moved into our private foster care program in Zhang Village so that she can receive one-on-one care.

Chloe, thrilled to be attending the local kindergarten

However, because this program is not in partnership with a local orphanage, the costs for her care are higher than for most of our other foster care programs. We will need additional sponsors at $35 per month to cover all of her costs. We all believe that with loving, family care, this sweet little girl will show everyone that she deserves a second chance at a permanent home.

Chloe at a younger age

Chloe now

Chloe is six years old, and her special needs are repaired cleft lip and palate, developmental delays, and being underweight. If you would like to help Chloe get her second chance by sponsoring her into foster care, please visit her sponsor page on our website. As always, all of our foster care sponsors will receive monthly photos and updates on the children they are helping. We are looking forward to seeing Chloe bloom!

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