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A Special Bond

We often hear about the loving relationships that develop between foster families and the children in their care. Little David, who has been in foster care in Xinxiang, and his father are a perfect example of this love.

David joined his foster family one year ago, just days after receiving surgery to repair his cleft lip. From the start, the bond between David and his father was strong.

Throughout David’s monthly reports, there are personal observations made about the relationship shared by father and son. For many months while David was learning to speak, his dad reported how much he wanted David to say “Baba.” While David’s names for mother and grandma seemed to roll off his tongue, he made his devoted father wait. Finally, last month, David’s dad excitedly announced that he was being called by name. This reminds me so much of all the “da da das” I heard before my children starting saying “ma ma.”

In December’s report, our program manager, Li Jia, shared a heartwarming story about David’s affection for his father. He wrote:

During this visit I witnessed something wonderful. When Dad said, “Kiss Dad,” David turned around and held his dad’s face with both hands and gave him a big kiss, leaving a lot of slobber on his face. He then cleaned it with his small hands. This made his dad full of joy! What a nice family!

I wish I could have been there to see it. The warmth and love that is so obviously present in this family is the true gift of foster care.

Michelle Holmes, LSW
Xinxiang Foster Care Coordinator

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