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A Special Little Note of Thanks

One of the fun things about LWB’s older kids is that they can write to us. This is from our lovely Li Ying, who is now one of our Shantou teachers.

We help professionally support her in evening correspondence classes. Li Ying has been in the heart of LWB since our start.

I am dong great this semester. I study hard in my night school. I am never late for school or miss schooling. I finished all the homework my teacher assigned to me. I should study hard in these two subjects: Oral English and English listening and try to make progress.
Thanks lwb’s help to me so that I can continue enjoying the great time of studying. Thank you again!

Li Ying
March 19th,2009

Missy Ridley is the Human Resource and Education Director of Love Without Boundaries. She and her husband Tim live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with their 3 children. She is aunt to 4 children born in China.

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