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A Thankful Family

This summer, a migrant worker from Guizhou Province wrote us a letter requesting help for his son, Dalang. His baby boy was diagnosed with complex heart disease (CHD) when he was just three months old, and the family did not have the money to pay for the necessary surgery but were unwilling to give up. They heard about LWB’s Unity Fund and wrote requesting help (“A Father’s Plea for Help”). LWB supporters were moved and quickly came through, and Dalang was able to receive the surgery he needed to live a normal life. ¬†Dalang’s father recently sent us these photos along with a letter of thanks.


With your tremendous help, my son Dalang’s surgery has been done successfully in CHFD. From the four-month follow-up after surgery, it proves that the surgery is really successful.

All of our family members highly appreciate all your help and fund support. Dalang was once one tormented as a baby by sickness, but he has received effective treatment thanks to your great help.

Dalang 7-17-13

Before surgery, we rarely saw his smile due to difficulties he had breathing. But now, he likes smiling at everybody he meets, and when he smiles, his newly grown primary teeth are seen. It seems that he will tell everybody that he is so strong-willed.

Dalang 7-16-13  3

Thank you every kind-hearted person who helped him. After getting through this hardship, we really feel how valuable your help to us and how selfless your love is. We sincerely thank you all. Words now really cannot express my gratitude to you all. Here are pictures of Yao Dalang for your to see. 

DaLang and Dad

We thank you all with the pictures and confirm your love to us which is so fruitful. Thanks a million.

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