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A Tour of the Loving ARMs Healing Home

Hi there, and welcome to the Loving ARMs Healing Home (LAHH for short)! My name is Christina, and I’ll be your tour guide.

Christina waving 10.15

I am four years old and the big girl here at LAHH! After my surgery for anal atresia in September, I came here to LAHH to recover and grow stronger. The nannies here take care of me, play with me, and also help me get the important therapy I need.

Right now, I am also the only girl at LAHH. It’s kind of like being a big sister to three little brothers! Their names are John, Jeffrey, and Daniel, and they all were born with the same medical issue I have (an anorectal malformation).

John is going to turn one year old this week. (Maybe I will get to help him celebrate!) He loves being held by our nannies who give us all lots of attention and affection. John really enjoys interacting with them and is starting to try to talk back. We think he is a really smart boy!

John 2 nannies 10.15

Our nannies make sure that the babies like John spend lots of time on their tummies to make sure their head and neck muscles grow strong.

John tummy time 10.15

Jeffrey is my other “little brother” (didi in Chinese). He is one month younger than John and is really good at holding his head and upper body up high when people talk to him.  He loves tummy time and never complains!

Jeffrey 10.15

The nannies think Jeffrey has a sweet personality, and he hardly ever cries. Jeffrey is really good at entertaining himself when the nannies are busy with the rest of us. Look at when he fell asleep in his crib playing with his rattle!

Jeffrey rattle 10.15

The newest little brother, or didi, to arrive here at LAHH is Daniel.  He just got here last week after being in the hospital.  Daniel isn’t even one month old yet!

Daniel sleeping 10.15

He’s pretty cute, isn’t he? Daniel sleeps a lot and also gets cuddled by our nannies when they give him his bottle. They say that he is a very alert boy and really sucks well on the his bottle when he is fed.

Daniel eating 10.15

I’m not really old enough to help feed Daniel yet, but maybe when he gets bigger I can play with him.

Christina playing 10.15

For now, there are just the four of us kids in LAHH.  But we hear rumors that one or two more may be on the way, and I can’t wait to see who shows up!  I hope one is a little girl for me to play with! For now, I am enjoying being the big sister to all of these cute little baby boys.

Would you like to be a part of our life stories? We would be so grateful if you would consider helping us out and sponsoring us so that we can spend as long as we need to at LAHH!

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