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A Village for Steven

Today we are making an emergency appeal for little Steven, who is currently in the ICU in Beijing battling for his life. We hope you will read his story and want to be a part of his healing as well.

11.28.13 Steven

In June of 2013, sweet Steven came into LWB’s care. He had the most angelic little face but an angry, fresh surgical scar on his tummy. Steven had been born with anal atresia, one of the most feared special needs in China. Our staff could tell his birthparents had tried to help him with surgery, but most likely the hospital they used in his rural city didn’t know the best way to help him. Perhaps the fear of not being able to provide the medical care he needed led them to abandon him. We may never know. We do know this tiny little guy was in urgent need of intensive care, and he was quickly moved to a top children’s hospital in his province.

6.19.13 Steven (2)

After stabilizing in the hospital, Steven was discharged to LWB’s Healing Homes program at just one month of age. He was so tiny, tipping the scales at less than 6 pounds. As a result of his intestinal problems, he was malnourished and very eager for every feeding. He looked like he had already been through battle when he arrived.

7.1.13 Steven

Our nannies watched over him day and night. He quickly learned his caregivers’ faces and the timbre of their voices, and he eagerly shared a sweet dimpled smile when a bottle was headed his way. Steven gained nearly two pounds in his first month in our care.

8.6.13 Steven

As the months passed, he continued to grow and to delight everyone with his smiles. Every update we received on Steven included a photo of his amazing smile, complete with dimples. He charmed his caregivers with his waving arms and friendly coos. He was growing to be a jolly baby.

Steven 2a

By December, he was now big enough for the baby walker, and the world was his for the taking with a might scoot in any direction.

Earlier this week, Steven became critically ill and was rushed to the closest hospital, Beijing United, where it was discovered he had a life-threatening bowel perforation. He underwent emergency surgery, and thankfully survived through the night. He is now in the ICU where his condition is still critical, but improving.

We are so grateful for the chance to save this beautiful little boy’s life. We are so grateful to our donors who enable us to say “Yes, we can help” when a critical newborn comes to our attention.

We have just been advised that because he was admitted to a Western hospital in China, his medical bill for this emergency surgery will be around $80,000. Yes, that wasn’t a typo; that extra zero is indeed there. However…there is absolutely no way to put a price on the life of a child, and so rather than fainting we are giving thanks that his life was able to be saved. We are now raising funds on Steven’s sponsor page so that we can somehow pay his hospital bill.

We hope that our wonderful supporters will help share Steven’s story and donate what they can towards his medical bill. We hope that everyone who agrees that every child’s life is priceless will join with us to support the life of Steven.

It often does take a village to raise a child, and we are so grateful to everyone who gives these precious kids a second chance.

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